Mental health in adolescence

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 so when we look about think about a dollar sense, it’s a unique and formative phase of development. There are multiple and rapid changes that are happening. It is also a period of honorable half of mental health issues actually arise before the age of 14th. If you look at some of the illnesses that happen in the dollar since depression is the leading cause of burden of disease in the dollar suicide, second leading cause of death in 15 to 29 years, and if these are left untreated, they extend into adult life and thus impacting educational attainment. Employment difficulty in relationships or even parenting for the younger generation. So considering the importance of mental health problems in it all. Since it’s it’s essential that we invest today in promoting mental health. Preventing mental disorders not only for today’s generation, but for our future generation, there are many things that young people can do about taking care of their mental health. For example, they can take care of their basic needs, having good sleeping habits. They can be active and engaged, and when I say active and engaged, it’s not only about physical act. It’s about engaging in meaningful activities such as school clubs, organizational clubs or even activities in communities and staying connected, which is very important and communicating with a trusting at all a friend, a parent or a teacher. Sometimes adolescents, they will engage in risk taking activities and as a way of overcoming some of the challenges. Now, this is a short term, but in long term it impacts on their mental health, and lastly, it is very important if there’s any concern about their mental health, they should speak to a trusted adult and health. Seek some further support because many of these problems and issues can be managed if detected, schools have an important role in promoting mental health resilience. For example, in schools, you can have safe and secure employment. Uh, an environment that is promoting their psychosocial help, having life skill training programs, having programs that improve on is in skill buildings such as cognitive skills. Problem solving is, and this will decrease the mental disorders and problem, and also their schools can offer help in case a mental health problem is detected in an adolescent, and similarly, parents are very instrumental in promoting the mental health of adolescents having stable positive emotional connections at home, having positive attitudes, for example. No smoking, communicating with the dollar senses and having given them independence, engaging with the dollar sense, these are some of the things that parents and schools can do to promote the mental health these young adults, it is very important that all of us recognize what are the signs of poor mental health in the dollar sets. So and we know that a dollar sense can be, but sometimes, for example, to keeping an eye on whether they them, their mood is lower, sadder, they’re more angry, more tired. They are avoiding some of the activities, some of the people. These are signs of mental health, or they’re engaging some of the risk taking behaviors again. It means they may be having a risk of poor mental health. The other thing is that knowing that you win, one can do something about it. So for example, talking, it’s very important and the communication can start with a simple question. You are not yourself lately. What can you do about and third, if you feel that in a dollar sense is feeling guilty, worthless, what has been thinking Harbin themselves do seek help, immediately speak to a trusted adult or to go to a mental health service because many of these sell associated, they can be avoided in this age. 

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