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 stress related diseases are one of the biggest health issues in the Uk, you know. From cancer to heart tax, so many serious illnesses and early deaths can be attributed to stress, and while a little bit of stress, such as that from exercise is good for us, prolonged exposure. Whether conscious or even subconscious, is really not good for our health and one of the best bits of advice. It’s a bit of advice that I was given years ago. And I absolutely swear by it, and i’m constantly telling my children and my wife is this when it comes to stress, and i’m not trying to simplify it, so it’s quite complex sort of subject that many different facilities, distress and anxiety too, but one of the best bits of advice i’ve ever been given is only spend time thinking about things that you can change the outcome if it’s already happened. And it’s in the past, or it’s something you can’t control. Then just try not spend any time thinking about it, just instead, I only invest your time, your thoughts and your energy into those things that you can inflate on top of that sound bit of advice i’ve spent as a Ceo of companies with thousands of employees. I’ve spent years trying to uncover what truly makes people happy. And i’ve come up with sort of reoccurring traits of what I class happy people. First thing is happy, people don’t seem to worry much, and therefore, i’m stressed, sort of comes back to my point before. Second thing is, most happy. People have a close circle of friends or family, or even if that’s online, you know they have a sense of belonging to something. There are things. I find that happy people tend to challenge themselves frequently. Happy people tend to have a purpose in life. They also tend to have a high tolerance tolerance of others mainly, and finally, it’s about food. You wouldn’t be surprised because eating rubbish food, packaged foods, a highly processed with chemicals. All those things can leave, and one of the things I always say to people. If you want proof in that, it’s even so conscious, why is that because think of all the different meals that we eat. Which is the one that might stress you out of the modes desserts, yes, and if you spell desserts backwards, it actually even spells the word stressed. If you need any more proof, I don’t know what there is to say. Junk food, amongst other things, that we’ve just mentioned, will kill your happiness up getting your nutrition right, really can help with the way we feel. Hopefully, that’s enough to prove it, so just remember, the good food is associated with good mood. Good food is associated because when you think about the brain with how to support our neurotransmitters, in particular sarantine, in which is certainly happiness neurotransmitter sending happening signals around the brain and also what we will find by getting good nutrition right is a neurotransmitter called dopamine pleasure transmitter. It helps regulate that too, so it’s really important alongside getting exercise, getting a good night’s sleep that you get the right nutrition because ah, anxiety, depression. Everything so happening here, but this is sort of regulated by those 6 things i’ve talked about happy people. But also by the nutrition that we’re feeding the brain now. What products do we offer a prominent thing that might help. But first of all, vitamin c, now it’s been clinically proven across Europe in something called a European Food standard agency from clinical trial after clinical trial that vitamin C helps the normal functioning of our nervous system and protects ourselves from oxygen stress, so lots of things around victims say make sure you’re eating nutritional food loads of bell peppers and lots of green leafy vegetables. But also taking a vitamin c supplement and then my leisure. Which in double blind clinical trials, the most rigorous scientific tests of them all has been found to both contribute to the normal function of our nervous system and also contributes to normal psychological functions. Next, you might consider taking a zinc tablet as a possible and the most powerful on the market in the UK Today and studies on zinc have conclusively found that it contributes to normal cognitive functions. The next product. I’m probably the most vital of all is omega 3. It’s vital for helping again those neurotransmitters that have been talking about medical studies have clearly demonstrated that it helps maintain our normal blood pressure and contribute to normal functioning of the brain. Yeah, these are clinical studies, so mega 3 for me, it’s the oil for the brain, large portion of the cat in our brain is a mega 3, so like a car like all in a car, if you just leave it and don’t change it, what happens. Keep changing the amigo 3 in the by supplementing with our really powerful omega 3 software. Now the other thing that you might want to look at is Cbd oils. We have two that we import. We import a range from Switzerland, the alpine Cbd or organic or very, very powerful. And we also import a range from Colorado in the Usa through a company called price pro life, have a look at those do your own research on see videos and see if it’s something that you think is right for you, and also we quickly say about our happy day multivitamins there, a herbal supplement. Which include a whole list of vitamins and minerals targeted at improving mood and reducing anxiety time out more about any of these supplements just go down below, click on those that catch your eye or those that you’re interested in that I just talked about, click on them for more information. See what the customers are saying about them on the reviews. All those reviews are totally independent and then make sure if you are finding it stressed a little bit anxious or a little bit depression that you pick one or two that you think right for you. 

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