What is Health Psychology

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  psychology is the science of thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Health psychology explores how these thoughts, feelings. And behaviors contribute to people’s health and well being. For example, as we get older, it’s important to stay as active as we can for our health, but do some people stop exercising because they’re worried about causing damage to their body, so we can help people overcome this and build confidence to keep active and healthy for longer at the Manchester center for health psychology. We work with people across the lifespan from childhood adolescent pregnancy all the way through to older adults, we work with healthy people. Those experiencing illness. Disability or health conditions and with carers and health care staff using a range of methods, including surveys, interviews, experiments and large scale trails, we learn more about people’s health and illness experiences and test out different tools to encourage people to make informed and healthy choices. And help them cope with health challenges. We do this research to help people keep well for longer to support people to manage health conditions, the way that they’d like to improve the health care people receive much of our research Manchester Centre for health psychology looks into promoting healthy lifestyles and preventing ills. Managing health conditions and understanding stress, and enabling health services and professionals to interact with people in the best ways to support their health and well being throughout our research, we talked to members of the public to make sure our work is relevant and useful, and we advise policymakers to ensure our research can benefit people’s health locally. Nationally and internationally, we also ran events into a community and in local schools to help people understand what we do as psychology researchers to find out more or to get involved with Manchester center for health pathology. Look us up on our website. We are the Manchester center for health psychology at the university of Manchester. 

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