Month: November 2021

psychic evaluation test

When psychic evaluation test needed?  Imagining that your child had some really difficult behaviors. ·        Maybe they’ve had a significant change in their mood. ·        Maybe they’re angry all the time. ·        Maybe that a child is going through they’re feeling like their happiness is a little bit dim ·        Maybe they’re suffering under the …

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what do clinical psychologist do

 What is clinical psychology and what is the clinical psychologist.  clinical psychology  clinical psychology is a branch of psychology which focuses on the assessment and the treatment of mental illness, abnormal behaviour and psychiatric problems,  so what do clinical psychologist do is that all fully qualified clinical psychologists.   what do clinical psychologist do clinical psychologist  …

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what is cyclothymia test

cyclothymic disorder is sometimes referred to as a mild version of bipolar disorders, and with psychotherapy disorder, an individual would have numerous hypomanic symptoms and depressive symptoms in the course of two years, but none of those symptoms would rise to the level of a manic episode or a major depressive episode.

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