what do clinical psychologist do

 What is clinical psychology and what is the clinical psychologist.

 clinical psychology

 clinical psychology is a branch of psychology which focuses on the assessment and the treatment of mental illness, abnormal behaviour and psychiatric problems, 

so what do clinical psychologist do is that all fully qualified clinical psychologists. 

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 what do clinical psychologist do clinical psychologist  is a A trained doctor who basically works with people with the goal of reducing psychological distress, who are also showing abnormal behavior and may be experiencing psychological distress. Clinical psychologists worked with people with mental and physical health problems. Including serious and enduring mental illness, neurological disorders, addictive behaviors, and childhood behavior disorders, personality and family relationships, schizophrenia anxiety and depression, 

what do clinical psychologist do 

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usually work alongside a disciplinary team, including other professionals, including doctors, nurses. Social workers, occupational therapists and like physiotherapy. They work under a wide range of settings. Including hospitals, health centers, child and adolescent mental health services, social services, and also community mental health team. 

  clinical psychologist main goal is to assess  clients, and they do this by undertaking clinical assessments using a variety of methods, which could include interviews. Psychometric tests, direct observation of behavior and also the use of questionnaire.  After assessment of a client has been made. A clinical psychologist may offer some form of therapy cancelling or advice the way .

To become a Google psychologist is a long, complex journey, which usually requires an undergraduate degree in psychology or related subject and doctoral training in clinical psychology, focus on the research that goes into clinical psychology may do a ph.d. Many require a minimum of 6 to 12 months of relevant clinical work experience in order to secure a place.

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