7 natural treatment of anxiety attack

treatment of anxiety attack

7 natural treatment of anxiety attack

I am going to be sharing with you my natural treatment of anxiety attack that also help with panic attack relief. Now I want to be clear, I am not a licensed physician. I am not here to diagnose, treat or cure your anxiety and depression, or any other mental illness. I highly encourage you to seek that professional medical help, especially if you feel like your anxiety and depression is taking over your life and causing you inability to function daily.

1st natural treatment of anxiety attack

God definitely grow in your closeness with God, build up bond with god whenever  feeling anxious or worried or scared, immediately fall into prayer, and  asked him to take away  anxieties.. He does heal in those moments if you ask him if you trust in him and you ask him and you believe you will feel that relief. You will you will feel the comfort and the healing from God. Now i’m not here to push religion, belief or faith on anyone. I’m simply sharing with you what truly works when it comes to my anxiety management.

2nd natural treatment of anxiety attack

is quitting the news. Do your mind, your body and your soul a favor and quit the news. Stop watching the news, stop the negative programming from coming through your brain. It’s a scientific fact our brain receives information and it sends signals to our body to feel a certain way. So if you are feeding your brain negative toxic information, you’re only going to feel negative emotions, negative feelings that are going to be toxic for you. So listening to the news is definitely going to increase your anxiety because I can honestly say there is seldom a good happy story on the news. For the most part, you’re hearing about the hate, the crimes. You know, the all the problems of the world, the tragedies. And that will definitely increase your anxieties. So just stop it, quit the negative programming, don’t allow it into your brain any longer.

3rd natural treatment of anxiety attack

are supplements take daily for anxiety management, but before I get into all those, I do want to talk about stress, the body’s response to stress and how it can lead to anxiety make sure that you take care of your health and keep your stress levels in check in the end, result. It keeps your anxiety and check, so it’s a requirement of life to take a multivitamin, so definitely do yourself favor. It’s going to overall help you balance your body out, balance all the nutrients in your brain and what you’re lacking and help you feel better. in order to prevent anxiety and keep your anxiety levels low. Vitamins are, I would say, a necessity of life, vitamin B 12. It is a sub lingual drop, so it’s basically a liquid form and you put the drops underneath your tongue. They are faster acting. It helps to repair and prevent any damage to your nervous system and people like us who have anxiety. take is fish oil. It actually contains two of the omega threes that we need. The fatty acid that you know very important for brain function and brain health, but there are actual studies that have been shown where fish oil reduces symptoms of depression, who have depression and have taken fish oil.magnesium. It’s super important like for just overall health, but it has been proven in case studies that it actually reversed major depression symptoms and people who suffer from depression, and it is a mood stabilizer. Iron pill is good for preventing fatigue and and just feeling run down


Just be careful, make sure you read up on it, make sure you talk with your doctor. If you’re on any medications, never mix medications, even with supplements. Even if they’re natural supplements, it could have an effect with the medication you’re taken or interact with it. So always just be sure to check with a pharmacist or doctor about anything you want to try .

4th natural treatment of anxiety attack

is it grounding, I love grounding. It’s also called earthing, and it’s a therapeutic, a technique that is used to balance the electrical forces from the ground with your body, so it’s kind of deep. It’s a little hippie, but i’m telling you, bottom line is when you’re feeling anxious. Go outside in your bare feet and stand on your grass. You know, try to do earth ground soil, even if it’s I would try to avoid concrete if you could like, so something soft soil, grassy, earthy dirt, something like that, just stand on your bare feet and close your eyes, and just listen to the nature around you, so you know. Becoming one with nature in that moment and allowing, like all the different energies from your body to kind of get sucked down and pull down into the ground to help balance .feeling at one with nature and distracting your mind and shifting your mindset to something more coming and relaxing. listening to what’s around you. So like you’re going to hear the birds chirping, you know you’re going to hear the wind blowing through the leaves or something like that, so that is always helpful.

5th natural treatment of anxiety attack

is journaling. now to like process a lot of old feelings from past trauma  is by writing everything down just write Wright right, and then the best part is that it’s usually like negative feelings or negative emotions. writing your feelings and emotions on paper and then throwing them, and it’s just symbolic to telling yourself like, okay, that’s in the past. I’m going to move forward from here. And it’s just so self healing, and it really does reduce anxiety overall, so journaling is so great for anxiety relief, and I highly recommend that you do it.

6th natural treatment of anxiety attack

would be to exercise, exercise is good for the brain and the heart and the mind. And it helps reduce stress levels, and it’s also a great way for anxiety relief is to dance it really does like fill our hearts and minds with the spirit. And it makes us feel good at the end of it. And we’re moving our bodies and we’re dancing, so we’re getting exercise.

 7th natural treatment of anxiety attack

social media is very helpful for stimulating the mind and keeping you socializing, so you don’t fall into that depressive, lonely state and being able to just talk to somebody every day, so even if you pick up the phone and call family member or have somebody you can call or even text.So try to call somebody and talk to them and just express how you’re feeling and share something about your day with them. That is gonna help stimulate that part of your mind to keep your social life active and to help keep the anxiety update just like the stomach needs, the mind needs social interaction.socializing is definitely key to, you know, keeping that anxiety at bay, and it’s definitely an important natural remedy for anxiety management.

these natural remedies for anxiety as well as panic attack relief that you were able to implement them in your daily life to help you manage your anxiety as well as your panic attacks now again, i’m not a licensed physician. So I am not here to diagnose. Treat or cure your anxiety and depression. Definitely seek that professional medical help if you feel that you did that, and again. What I share with you here, it may not work for you the way it works for me, everybody is different, and I highly encourage you to check with your doctor before trying any of the supplements or anything that you need to take because they could have an interaction with a medication that you’re already on or maybe they won’t work for you.

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