Definition schizophrenia

Definition schizophrenia

Definition schizophrenia,

schizophrenia is a thought disorder, which impairs judgment. Behavior and ability to interpret the normal case for the diagnosis of schizophrenia involves the symptoms being present for at least six months to confirm this diagnosis.

The risk factors involved schizophrenia include men who are between 15 to 25 years of age. They have the highest risk people with high levels of dopamine and abnormalities with the serotonin schizophrenia is also said to have a genetic predisposition, so if you have a family members like a mother or a father who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, you are more likely to also have schizophrenia in comparison to someone who does not have order in their family.

Other factors include substance abuse cell schizophrenia has been seen as a result of certain recreational drugs that people have been taking drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine, cannabis. And also can be due to other substances like alcohol. Now these symptoms vary according to the type of schizophrenia that you have.

classification of
Definition schizophrenia


paranoid type of schizophrenia,


disorganized type


catatonic type, and there’s also


undifferentiated type schizophrenia


symptoms involved in Definition schizophrenia

1. hallucinations



Disorganized speech,

4.disorganized behavior,

6. occupational dysfunction and 7. psychiatric eye movements

tests you can do for Definition schizophrenia

1. brain imaging of a person who has schizophrenia,

Ct scanner will show lateral and third ventricular enlargements and reduction in cortical volumes. An mri scan will show increased cerebral vintages, tomography will show hyperactivity of the frontal lobes here and hyperactivity of the basal ganglia.

2.Iq tests

iq tests that will usually score a bit lower and that could be due to low intelligence at the onset of the disease, or it could be due to deterioration deterioration as a result of the disease

personality test

may show up normal findings such as the base ideas and theories.

treatment for Definition schizophrenia

1. hospitalization,

which is usually recommended just to stabilize the patient. Or it could be for safety reasons.


anti psychotic medications which are used to control both the positive and the negative symptoms. These medications are things like i’m the sole pride or lanza pain, which are considered to be fairly effective, but they do have side effects as well. If there is poor response to these drugs, another medication which is called cycle pain is used if other medications have failed,

3. psychotherapy.

Which is supportive, and the primary aim is to have the patient understand that the therapist is very trustworthy and has their best intentions.

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