generalized anxiety disorder

generalized anxiety disorder.

What is generalized anxiety disorder.

I’m going to describe what it is. Look at the symptoms and treatment options of generalized anxiety disorder. everyone has feelings of anxiety now and again, most of usb feel anxious while sitting an exam or giving a presentation to a really large group of people.
Feeling anxious is actually really normal but people with generalized anxiety disorder or gad feel anxious most of the time, not just in specific stressful situations, and the anxiety can feel overwhelming and often interferes with day to day life, affecting the ability to work to form relationships.

key features of generalized anxiety disorder.

cognitive distortions.

Now cognitive distortion is a type of irrational thought where you see things in a much more negative way than it really is now. Cognitive distortions are normal. Everybody has them, but when they’re too frequent or too intense. They can contribute to anxiety, and one of the most common cognitive distortions is like a therapist is a sophisticating this means that we tell ourselves that something is so so terrible that we won’t be able to handle it.
so let’s imagine if somebody that you know passes you in the street and doesn’t acknowledge now you engaged in sophisticating when you start thinking that’s it, they hate me. They’re not my friend anymore. I’m a likable person, and so basically. You’re making a catastrophe out of something that really isn’t, and in fact, the personal industry that didn’t technology may not. We’ve even research suggests that

intolerance of uncertainty

another key feature of generalized anxiety disorder is the intolerance of uncertainty. It’s normal to be a bit uncomfortable with uncertainty because we can’t see the future. And we can never be certain about exactly what is going to happen day to day. What uncertainty is a normal part of life, and researchers found that people with generalized anxiety disorder are often very intolerant of uncertainty, so they will try to plan and prepare for everything as a web of reading or eliminating uncertainty. This can include an
• engaging in list
• making reassurance
• seeking double checking
• avoiding people
• avoiding places.
Research also suggests that there’s a direct correlation between perfectionism and generalized anxiety disorder perfectionism is likely to make you feel stressed and even pointed with yourself as you’re unable to meet your own impossible standards.

cognitive symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder

Cognitive symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder include a
• sense of dread
• , feeling constantly on edge
• Irritability
• indecisiveness,
• inability to let go worry
• Indispensability
• difficulty concentrating

generalized anxiety disorder and brain

prefrontal cortex in the brain is spending a lot of time involved in cognitive distortions. Such as sophisticating, and these thinking patterns actually communicate to the amygdala that were in. amygdala is kind of like the brains alarm bell. So when the brains alarm bell rings, the body releases adrenaline and cortisol, and it’s the cortisol in particular That can cause the bodily symptoms associated with generalized anxiety disorder, such as
• racing
• heart,
• shortness of breath.
• Sweating
• shaking,
• digestive upsets,
• Insomnia
• fatigue
• muscle paints.
This process is called the fight or flight response.
so basically the body is preparing to fight or flee the perceived threat. Now if you were experiencing a real life threatening event, then of course, the fight or flight response would actually be a good thing and also incredibly helpful, but when we experience a fight or flight response without shopping. Meeting a friend or going to work as somebody with dad Mike, then this can be frightening and also incredibly debilitating.

Causes of generalized anxiety disorder

exact cause of generalized anxiety disorder is unknown, but it’s believed to be linked to a combination of genetic behavior, developmental and other factors. There are three potential causes of generalized anxiety disorder .

life experiences gathered results

The first potential cause is life experiences gathered results when the fight or flight response becomes triggered too easily and too frequently, and this can occur after experiencing traumatic life events such as abuse, trauma or bullying.
for example
• break down in the relationship
• work stress
• ongoing financial difficulties


geneticist. Now this is a really exciting and fairly new branch of science, so simple definition of geneticist, the study of biological mechanisms that will switch genes on and off, so reference to anxiety scientists have found percentage of people have a genetic predisposition to be anxious. And that environmental factors can actually switch on the anxious G. So if you grew up in an environment where your primary caregivers were very anxious or fearful, this could cause the anxiety gene to switch. Likewise, if you grew up in a calm and relaxed house. The gene can be modified and it’s likely you don’t know anxiety, so environmental factors and life experiences can cause genes to be expressed or silence, so epigenetics is really the crossroads between genes and environment.

Pre menopause

The third potential cause of generalized anxiety disorder applies to women only, and that’s the Pre menopause studies show that 23 percent of women experience symptoms of anxiety. Hey, menopause, one of the primary issues here, the fluctuating hormones eastern and pedestrian. Now these symptoms can go away when Perry menopause ends and women enter the post. Manipulate and here the hormones are more likely to stabilize at this point into their life.

Treatment Options for generalized anxiety disorder

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Therapy is a primary treatment, for generalized anxiety disorder. Cognitive behavioral therapy or cbt is more effective than medical for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder. so with your therapist, you can actually work together and break the vicious cycle of anxiety, learn techniques to calm you, learn how to look at situations in less frightening ways and also uncover the underlying causes of your Generalized anxiety disorder.


Medication is also very effective at reducing anxiety now mri scans, actor 8 week course of mindfulness practice shows the amygdala actually appears to shrink. And also the connection between the and the rest of the brain gets weaker, so my influence actually teaches us to stand back from our thoughts so we can train ourselves to see sorts as just thought, so passing mental events that we don’t have to get involved in.

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