Maladaptive behavior examples

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maladaptive behaviors examples

maladaptive behaviors is when we will develop a behavior or action that is poor in negative to deal with situations that we believe we can’t adapt or situations that will bring a ton of a negative emotions or anxiety, fear. Anger, sadness, and we believe that we cannot deal with that situation. We will end up developing a behavior that is a maladaptive one,

maladaptive behavior examples

when we try to numb our feelings through alcohol. So it’s very. Very important that we try to identify if we have developed this kind of behavior. Because in the long term, you can really in develop a an addiction by abusing alcohol, so and also we will develop an association with alcohol. When I feel sad, then I drink alcohol, so it’s very important that we understand what happens with our body when we are before a situation that we do believe is too overwhelming, and we engage in maladaptive behavior. Our body will naturally form a homeostasis. Which is the equilibrium of the body, accused the hormone hormonal equilibrium or the chemical equilibrium of, and so with time, our body will associate that my adaptive behavior to the situation that we feel afraid, and so we are not really giving oneself the chance to cope in a different way. But just using the alcohol, okay, so that suggests a breeze in short example, but there are so many other ways to cope adaptively with situations that we believe that they are too much.

They’re important just to give us some some some reflection about it, and I believe that is very important for the ones that are identifying this kind of behaviors to look for professional, I mean, to have professional, and so then you can have some assistances. We’ve building you know, better company skills to deal with situations that they are too stressful for you,

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